10 Hero Counter Aldous Mobile Legends (ML)

In the Mobile Legends game, fighters are indeed very diverse and have different strengths from the Single Target Fighter to the Damage Area Fighter. These fighters have their respective diversity to achieve really large damage in the battle area and are able to kill the opponent’s Marksman hero with just a few hits. There are several Hero Counter Aldous ML Use Hero Mobile Legends when you play against the hero Aldous mobile legends

Don’t let Lategame and Aldous get a lot of kills because their stack is very dangerous. Therefore counters with these heroes;

  1. Lunox
  2. Lancelot
  3. Chou
  4. Diggie
  5. Akai
  6. Saber
  7. Valir
  8. Franco
  9. Benedetta
  10. Kadita

With these 5 heroes, Aldous will be easier to count and beat. This list of my Esports might help you when you play later.

Aldous is a Hero who if left at the end of the game will have very dangerous damage. If Aldous manages to collect the Maximum Stack from his 1st Skill and the passive that Aldous has, then there is no reason if the Damage generated is very painful and has quite a lot of Absorb Damage because it is generated from the damage that is given to the opponent.

List of Heroes Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

My esports here will suggest a number of heroes who have become natural opponents of the Aldous mobile legends. You can use it when the enemy chooses Aldous Mobile Legends during the draft pick. Of course, that way, you can overcome this annoying hero

Maybe this will be a very big problem if you are already in the Late Game phase right? For this opportunity, we have several recommendations for the hero yHero Counter Aldous ML Use This Hero Mobile Legends. Even so, you also have to be careful in using it.


Four Best Mid Heroes in Mobile Legends 2019!

Who would not have thought, if this one mage hero was able to counter Aldous’s ferocity who had entered the late game phase, it started. Lunox can be a quite powerful counter for mobile legends by using his ultimate skill in Starlight Plus mode.

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This skill will turn Lunox into a ball that cannot be counted or skilled by enemies, including Aldous, who uses his ultimate. After you keep your distance from Aldous, immediately launch a Skill 2 attack in Darkness mode to give massive Burst damage.


Hero Counter Lancelot ML Use This Hero Mobile Legends!

Lancelot is one of the assassin heroes who has a very high level of mobility, this is what causes Lancelot to become one of the Assassins who is quite difficult to Gank by the enemy.

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This hero has quite a bit of blood and is easily killed. Especially if the enemy is Aldous who has great damage to the Late Game. It might not take long for Lancelot to kill.

However, Lancelot can also be Aldous’ counter. By using his 2nd skill. Lancelot will create a triangle-shaped attack pattern that can be immune from basic or skill attacks such as Ultimate Aldous. But you also have to use this skill on time. This is the Hero Counter Aldous ML which is naturally seen from the lancelot skill arrangement


Chou is a very annoying Fighter hero, especially if it is used by pro players. If Chou uses a special build for her Fighter. So don’t be surprised if this Hero can kill enemies with just one combo.

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Not only that, Chou also has 2 skills that can be immune from the Crowd Control effect. This is also useful for those of you who are targeted by Aldous by using his Ultimate. You only need to adjust the time to issue this skill to be immune from the Ultimate Aldous knockback effect.

Then then you try to counterattack using Skill 1 towards Aldous and use Ultimate. Don’t forget to bring 1 or 2 friends with big damage too.


Hero Counter Aldous ML Use This Hero Mobile Legends!

The next hero is Diggie. Maybe this hero certainly won’t be able to kill Aldous properly. But Diggie is a Support hero who is a counter aldous mobile legends by using his Ultimate skill.

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If Aldous targets you, make sure to use Diggie’s ulti after Aldous hits you. After that, you can trap Aldous as much as possible to use skill 2. This is so that you cannot escape and if possible, invite your teammates who have great damage to kill Aldous.


This hero tank with a fat body cannot completely kill Aldous. However, you can counter the aldous mobile legends by using Akai’s Ultimate Skill.

You can pin Aldous with Ultimate Akai towards the wall. This will also make Aldous unable to do anything as long as he is hit by the Effect. Invite a friend with big damage to kill Aldous.


Hero Counter Rafaela Mobile Legends (ML)

Next, the hero counter for Aldous is Saber, this assassin hero has the ability to stop the movement of an opponent hero who is quite annoying like Aldous, by using Saber you can defeat Aldous easily and quickly.

In a gameplay when Aldous uses his ultimate and targets the target hero, you can mark Aldous when he reaches his target. After Aldous lands, then carry out an execution attack using the Ultiamte saber and can stop Aldous easily.


how to use valir mobile legends

Next is Valir, who is a mage hero who is included in the hero guard, Guard’s ability can really help to stop the movements of the opposing heroes, especially Melee heroes like Aldous.

When Aldous gets close, Valir can throw him very easily, Aldous will be pushed backwards and it will be difficult to get close, especially Valir is a poke hero who can issue hero skills often and quickly.


Next is Franco, who is a very powerful hero to counter Aldous heroes, as usual, Franco is a very strong hero and is able to counter all opposing heroes in Mobile Legends.

Using Franco will help to stop Aldous from moving attacks, when the fighter hero approaches, all you do is protect the target from Aldous’ attacks, then use the ultimate to stop him. If Aldous attacks a hero close to Franco, it is usually canceled immediately.


Aldous’ next hero counter is Mathilda, this assassin support hero is very tough and can counter or attack Aldous when attacking and marking his target. Mathila is not only a support person who can help Aldous’s target escape, as well as to deflect back.

Use the second skill to buff your teammates to escape, if you have the opportunity, you can use the ultimate which can lock and attack the opponent’s movements, ask for help as a damage dealer!


Hero Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

Finally, the hero Counter Aldous Mobile Legends is Kadita, this mage assassin hero is very cunning, his skills will be very difficult to attack by Aldous, because Kadita has immune skills that can make him unable to be easily attacked by Aldous.

This immune ability can make Aldous quite overwhelmed to face Kadita, not only that, Kadita can easily counterattack Aldous if the hero dares to attack him.

So, those are some Hero Counter for Aldous ML. How? Still afraid of the Aldous hero? You have to use this to overcome annoying heroes during the game dilate. Of course, with the list of heroes above, you are able to make Aldous not move anymore.

That’s all we can say, hopefully the hero counter review of Aldous Mobile Legends above can provide useful explanations and information especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Thank you and good bye!

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