10 Facts About Free Fire, FF Players Must Know!

Until now, the game development provided by Garena is quite good and of course interesting for us to try. One of them is like the Free Fire game which until now, is still one of the best to play. Updates and events in the game, too, will definitely give a different impression. Well, this time there is the Ngendok Free Fire fact that FF players must know about this.

Garena, of course, will provide many new things, so that the Free Fire game is not inferior to other games. For that too, we all definitely won’t get bored easily like this. Moreover, all the updates that were present at that time, provided many big changes in this game and became very good, of course.

When you compete later, using a character is indeed one of the best choices. Where the characters you use will usually give us the ability to win the match. So if it’s like this later, we will definitely win the match more easily.

But when you are playing a match too, don’t forget about the tips and gameplay in this game. This will make these developments even better and certainly very interesting to try. Every player who has reached the highest rank too, is indeed required to be able to play Pro too.

Because things like this later, can help us to win matches easily. Now one way to win without fighting, you can play by Ngendok in this Free Fire game. Yup, this method is indeed powerful, and there are some interesting facts about playing ngendok in Free Fire at this time.

Intrigued by some of the facts about playing the scoop? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

  1. Always Use Air Drop Loadouts

As we know this Loadout is indeed quite important when used, when you compete, we will definitely be helped by this item. Players who like to loot like this, of course, usually use the loadout so they can boot which is pretty good later.

Moreover, those players who like to play like this, will usually play without fighting. Now, during the time he was always hiding and playing like this, he was also able to fill the cooldown of the Loadout later. If for example it can be used by you, Air Drop can automatically be summoned and get strong items.

But you also have to always be vigilant, because this item can also be discovered by enemies. So you guys later, don’t be negligent with things like this.

  1. Always Go Down In A High Enough Building

When you are determining a place to land, there must be several places that are suitable for such a thing. Well, usually for players with trolling gameplay, surely they will prefer to be in a very high location. Because with things like this, surely they won’t be easily caught by the enemy either.

In the Map Free Fire right now, there are already many places with quite a height soaring upwards. In that place, players who like to play ngendok will be easier and will not be caught by the enemy. But yes, when you go down you have to be ready – be prepared to lose a lot of HP.

Usually this way, it will stop because the zone is not safe in the Free Fire game. On descending from a place like that too, you might be able to survive and maybe even die because of the height of that place too.

  1. Facts of Ngendok Free Fire Usually Use Ford Characters

This character that is always said to be useless, is in fact often used by Ngendok players. Even the ability of the Ford character, is most important to play like this. If you want to find out, Ford is able to provide a stronger defense when you are hit by an insecure zone damage later.

For things like this it happens by all players who like to play scoop, because their lives will usually continue to be outside the safe zone. When entering the safe zone too, usually experience delays later. When you enter the safe zone too, surely your cellphone will be critical or dying.

But if, for example, you use a Ford, it’s guaranteed that the cellphone you have will be more durable and of course awake.

  1. UAV becomes the main enemy of players scooping

The player ngendok will indeed look for various ways, so that their position is not caught by the enemy. That way, of course, this method will be very effective, so that you don’t get chased by the enemy. But always remember in this Free Fire game, because there is such a thing as a UAV Zone too.

This zone is a zone where all enemies in the area will be visible on the map very clearly. Now this is the main enemy of Ngendok players, because those who are hiding can later be caught very easily by the Zone.

  1. Can Boob But Kill Little Or Cannot Kill

When viewed from the previous one too, playing Ngendok is more dominant for hiding and not being caught by the enemy until the last zone in the Free Fire game. For example, if you are in Ngendok’s place and it is in the last zone, this means that it will be your determination who will win the match later.

If you are on top of the rock very high and it is the final zone, then this is a very good advantage. Because the enemy will also be confused where you are, so he will definitely be consumed by the insecure zone. So if you already use Ford, this is not a big problem.

  1. Sometimes Always At The Point Of The Drop

In addition to getting off at a high place, it turns out that players who are cuffed will also start trying to get off at the most corner. Of course something like this is called avoiding close combat, so that they are also not easy to kill by the enemy later. When you get off at that place, don’t forget to look for looting items as much as possible.

Not only that, the difference with going down above this is also very pronounced for those who go down in the corner. They can enter the safe zone easily, without the slightest injury. But if, for example, you go down at a high place, it will definitely drain your HP or die when you go down.

  1. The fact of ngendok Free Fire is that playing skills will not develop

Yup, for example, if you like and always play like this, your combat skills will automatically decrease. As much as possible for you to be able not to play like this first, do the game as usual. You go down and do the looting, then fight the enemy who is targeting you too later.

If you are in Diamond or Heroic rank, of course things like this are important to do. If you play safely in Bronze to Platinum, the story is different in Diamond and Heroic. All the enemies there are smarter and will not let the enemy loose, they are also able to know which locations are often used to scoop.

  1. Dying Due to Zones Is a Trivial Matter

The fact of Ngendok Free Fire is that you have to be ready to accept silly things too, if for example you want to play in this Ngendok way. Indeed, you could say that the method of dying for this player to scoop up is quite strange and can be one of the silly things in Free Fire. One of them, too, when he died from being hit by damage to the unsafe zone. This is one of the things that happens a lot, so you also have to be vigilant.

When using the Ford character as well, that ability is not always useful well. So try to always play well again, especially to immediately enter the safe zone. Because at this very moment, the total deaths of players who were outside the safe zone were numerous. So things like that, it must be reduced.

When those of you who play scoop down in the corner, bring quite a lot of heal items. Because with these heal items, the HP that is owned when outside the safe zone can also be filled. So right now, there are already a lot of heal items given in the Free Fire game.

  1. The Facts of Ngendok Free Fire, Use Vehicles to Move and Hide

The vehicles that are presented in the Free Fire game do have various types, now that will also help us through the match. Because the vehicle that is being presented right now, is quite good and has very interesting capabilities. The speed given is indeed high and varies.

If you are a player who likes to play scoop, try to use a vehicle too. Because this vehicle means you can later help all of you, to win and you won’t be worried about the enemy’s damage. If you move places too, surely this vehicle will protect you from this great damage.

Not only that, in Free Fire there are also vehicles that are used to hide as well. But there is only one vehicle, this is a Jeep. Indeed, this military vehicle is very good, because it is able to cover us as well when riding in that vehicle. But unfortunately, this vehicle is very difficult for players to find.

  1. Quite Helpful When Playing In Squad

The last fact of Ngendok Free Fire from how to play Ngendok is that later you can be very helpful in a team. Don’t think that playing ngendok doesn’t help, it turns out that things like this really help us all. Where later we will be able to find out the location of the enemies, in this way.

Usually the Ngendok player who plays with the team will always give the team the location of the enemy. They are also the markers, whether the location is empty or not. If for example you meet an enemy who is good at scooping here, be careful where you will be found out later.

Player Ngendok in Squad mode too, usually will play safely. When there is a battle, usually they will also appear suddenly in that case. So in this way, it is confirmed that the victory is yours.

Every player who plays right now does have a different gameplay, what kind of gameplay if you guys? Maybe hang up or play some other way? All the current gameplay is very good indeed to win in the match later.

If someone is playing scooping, don’t make fun of or angry with you. Snacking is a playstyle which is actually an effective strategy. Even though there aren’t many kills, Booyah’s potential is very high.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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