10 Counter Heroes Alpha Mobile Legends (ML)

Alpha is one of the fighter heroes who has a high level of durability in Mobile Legends. This fighter hero also has a passive skill that can provide additional damage. Even so, you need to know that there are several Alpha Mobile Legends hero counters who can beat him easily.

When playing Alpha you have to be able to take advantage of every skill properly. Because playing as an offlaner you also have to be able to hold the lane as strong as possible. Take advantage of skill one and skill two to clean the minions on the lane while dealing poke damage to the opponent. That way you will be seeded in a one by one situation when you become an offlaner.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the Hero Counter Alpha Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about who are the heroes that can be used to easily defeat Alpha in a gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

List of Hero Counter Alpha Mobile Legends

Esportsku has made several heroes that can be used to easily count Alpha in Mobile Legends. You can see the list itself below!

  • Khufra
  • Diggie
  • Chou
  • Karrie
  • Lancelot
  • Helcurt
  • Roger
  • Saber
  • Akai
  • Kaja

So, those are some of the heroes that you can use to easily counter Alpha in Mobile Legends. For a complete explanation of each hero on the list above, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below!


Khufra is a tank in Mobile Legends that can be used to count many heroes in Mobile Legends. Khufra himself can provide a good crowd control effect from each of his attack skills.

By using a combo skill one and its ultiamate skill to hit Alpha against the wall, there will be a resulting stun effect. After that, your teammates can immediately provide follow-up damage to defeat Alpha.


You can also use Diggie to count Alpha in gameplay. when Alpha uses his ultimate skill Diggie can use skill two to hold it. In addition, Diggie also has skills that can make all teammates around him free from debuffs. This skill comes from Diggie’s ultimate skill in Mobile Legends.

Diggie is in charge of protecting teammate heroes from Alpha attacks, with the ultimate way your teammates will be separated from the CC attacks given by Alpha, besides that with the first skill it can provide damage and the second skill can give Alpha CC. Alpha will find it difficult to fight Diggies.


Chou is one of the fighter heroes that can be used to count Alpha in gameplay. Two Chou’s own skills can easily avoid Alpha’s ultimate skill. Besides that, skill one and its ultimate skill can also be used to provide burst damage to Alpha.

Chou is suitable for one by one situations with Alpha in one lane. Alpha will be troubled when facing Chou. Because CHou has enormous damage thanks to his passive ability but has strong defense by relying on immunity and can also get it from his build items.


Karrie can also be used to easily count Alpha. This marksman hero has good agility thanks to his second skill. The passive skill itself can produce a true damage effect that can make Karrie’s attacks even more painful.

In addition, the ultimate skill of this hero can easily increase his movement speed. Guaranteed Alpha will be easily defeated by Karrie in a fairly easy gameplay. Regardless, Alpha hero will be very weak if attacked using a hero with true damage attacks like Karrie.


Lancelot becomes an assassin hero that can be used to counter Alpha. Lancelot can maximize his invincible skills to use alpha attacks. In addition, the burst damage generated from Lancelot itself can also be used to kill Alpha easily and quickly.

Alpha will be very difficult when fighting Lancelot, but in contrast to Lancelot, it will be easy to kill Alpha on the spot. As an Assassin this hero is also very agile to use.


Just like Lancelot, Helcurt has a silence skill that can be used to stop Alpha’s attacks easily. After that Helcurt can immediately use his skill combo to give Alpha burst damage.

Alpha will have difficulty when facing Helcurt in a gameplay because every Alpha attack will be stopped with the silence owned by Helcurt, this assassin hero also has a very deadly burts attack.


Roger has enormous damage. While in human mode he can repay Alpha’s HP using his long-range attacks. When using his wolf mode Roger can inflict great damage on Alpha, even using his single skill can be used to immune alpha attack skills.

If one on one, then Alpha will lose because Roger has basic damage that is fast and also strong, compared to Alpha heroes who rely on skills with basic attacks that are slightly slow to attack.


The next hero counter for Alpha Mobile Legends is Saber, with the execution ability of the Saber hero, he can easily beat Alpha in every teamfight. Saber’s ability is very strong especially in terms of counter counting.

This one hero can give a deadly attack with just one ultimate, even though Alpha is hit very strongly with good physical resistance, locking it and giving a big attack will overwhelm him.


Alpha’s next hero counter is Akai, Alpha is a hero who can attack his opponent towards the front by giving initiation and limiting crowd control. Then attack him using the second skill which gives true damage in realtime.

Now to overcome this you can use Akai to keep Alpha away from the target he will attack. With this ability, it can make Alpha heroes quite difficult when played, especially when Alpha relies heavily on his skills.


The last Alpha hero counter is Kaja, who is a fighter support hero who is able to give his best to attack the opponent’s hero and execute him. Kaja’s best ability is its suppressed skill.

Like Franco’s hero, Kaja is able to attract any hero and then attacks and covers his teammates, if hit by a combo from Kaja, usually Alpha will find it very difficult to escape or escape.

So, those are some of the alpha Mobile Legends hero counters that I have discussed in Esports. Use one of the heroes above when facing Alpha so you can beat him easily!

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