10 Common Things Mobile Legends Make It Difficult to Increase the ML Rank 2020, Pro Guide!

Mobile Legends is a 5v5 moba game that really demands collaboration and very high individual skills. Often times the defeat comes not only from yourself, but from the mistakes of other players. This is often the main reason for many players who find it very difficult to increase their rank, especially solo queue players. This time, there are general things about Mobile Legends that make it difficult to get Rank ML 2020 that you should know

It cannot be denied that the biggest enemy in Mobile Legends is your own team. This is very difficult to fight because the team will be a burden that will drag you to defeat. But on the other hand, a good team can also lift and make it easier for you to win.

These 10 things are often the reasons that may indeed be true. Below are the 10 strongest reasons for you to get stuck in the lower ranks;

  1. Rarely lose on drafts
  2. The build items are the same
  3. Blind map
  4. Offside continues
  5. There is no map control
  6. Focus on chat, continue to open play
  7. Doesn’t follow meta
  8. Many styles
  9. So griefer and troller
  10. No flex pick

These 10 things are very important and maybe often the reason you keep getting stuck in the lower ranks. My Esports paid attention to this, indeed this often happens.

Here we will provide 10 things that often occur in small ranks and are often a factor in the defeat of your team. This is the most common factor and you will often find it when playing Mobile Legends. Hopefully the readers are not the ones who often do this on purpose.


This is often found in middle rank when in the pick phase. Often many people don’t give in and insist on using the hero they want, not what is needed. Even most people who force their picks will become bebab, this is in my experience because many noobs don’t understand the flexibility of picks and drafts.


This does not mean that it is bad if the hero build item is the best but that is not the point of the problem. What happens very often in small ranks is that many players always use the same build items and end up not doing counter picks when fighting heroes. An example is the type of enemy who uses hero heal and regen but the player does not buy anti-heal items. Or the enemy builds a stack of armor and marksman items, you don’t buy Malefic Roar, which ends up damaging them like wet noodles.


This also often happens because many players at lower rank do not have one common sense when playing. Only focus on their heroes without paying attention to the map and eventually they will often be hit by gangs. The funny thing is that many players like this often blame other team members even though their death is their own fault. People like this also usually keep quiet when their team members are ganged even though their position is close.


Overextend or offside is a term when a player plays too far from their safe position. This often happens because they are blind maps. It often happens when playing in a small rank, for example, when you are still doing solo push on the opponent’s tower even though 5 heroes have missed. These players usually have awareness who are very low and eventually become a burden on their team.


Map control is almost not even in a small rank and this is often used by smurf players who often play with assassin heroes or fighters who have high mobility. Uncontrolled maps will make enemy movements very free and also your team will always be an easy target to kill.


In fact, this does not only often occur in small ranks, but also in high ranks. Many players are just busy and focused on doing trashtalk chat, high emotions, and finally the game is unclear. This is because they only focus on unimportant things like nagging in chat but they forget the important thing, which is playing well. Even though you are playing well and are considered “carrying” the team, this does not mean you have the right to nag other team members.


This is something that often annoys many players, namely a small rank that does not have effective game or meta information in Mobile Legends. They will often play to their heart’s content and even become a burden on the team. These people are usually casual players who don’t really keep up with developments, so there’s no blame either. But often they will feel right and also become a burden on the team.


You will often find this player in a small rank, especially players who use nicknames to imitate pro players. They will also often play many styles and feel the most right so that it puts a strain on their team. Interestingly, this often happens in the top ranks where they play a lot of styles and are pretentious. It is unclear the reason maybe they are looking for or thirsty for attention but this often makes it difficult for the team where players like this are often selfish.


These three characteristics of this player cannot be denied and avoided anymore. People who play deliberately make it difficult for their team deserve to be reported because they play deliberately to lose. This is called a Griefer or Troller. Griefer or Troller is a player who often makes it difficult for team members on purpose. It is not a player who is a noob, but deliberately annoys their team members. An example is like using Jawhead and throwing their team members forward. For ATMs to run, there is no cure except for reports because they will accidentally die continuously.


Flex picks are not widely understood because it is such a high term. But in a small rank this is almost non-existent once. For example, when there are team members who use heroes like Hayabusa, for example. Others will think that Hayabusa can only be played in safelane or jungle, even though Hayabusa is a very strong hero in the mid as a counter pick if the enemy uses a squishy hero.

Those are 10 things that often happen and you feel in the small rank of Mobile Legends. It is very difficult to avoid because the players at the lower rank do not really understand playing. But don’t blame them unless this player does it on purpose. Instead, guide them and teach them how to play well because it’s useless for you to become toxic because this is no good and it only makes you look stupid.

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