10 Best Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML), Must Have!

Having the best hero in Mobile Legends can be quite important in the game. With a good hero that you can rely on in all fields, it will make your game even stronger.

Of course, not all of the characteristics of a hero in Mobile Legends are owned by the current heroes. There are several other factors that allow this hero to be said to be the best hero in Mobile Legends.

Not only the great damage, the agility of the hero’s gameplay, but also has a look that many Mobile Legends players like. You don’t need to look for these individual heroes, here we have a list.

Esportsku this time will give you a list of the best heroes in Mobile Legends that you can play, especially in season 19. Now, take a look at the following list of heroes who can become your mainstay heroes in the match.

The Best Hero in Mobile Legends

Here is a list of the best heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use. With the following hero, it will give you the satisfaction of using it.


10 Best Heroes in Mobile Legends, Must Have!

First there is Kagura who is the best hero in Mobile Legends, Kagura himself is a mage hero who has a very beautiful but also strong face. This one hero can provide various attacks and has 6 skills that you can use.

Kagura is said to be the best hero in Mobile Legends because it has a very charming appearance and has a gameplay that of course not all players can play it. This one hero is fairly exclusive in Mobile Legends.


Next there is Fanny’s hero who is also included in the best heroes in Mobile Legends, this is because Fanny’s skills are very different from the skills of most other heroes in Mobile Legends. The fans have fast and deadly gameplay.

Nothing like a hero can imitate Fanny’s abilities, he is inspired by the anime character Attack on Titan with his fast cable maneuvering skills. Many players really like Fanny and can play him until he is very deadly.


Next the best hero in Mobile Legends is Guinevere who is a fighter hero with magic damage specialists. Guinevere is a hero who has a very beautiful face. Not only that, beautiful gameplay animations are also the main value.

Guinevere has a very diverse gameplay mechanism, it has quite deadly crowd control skills, blink skills which are very useful in matches and many other advantages. You must have Guinevere in Mobile Legends.


Next is Alucard who is a Mobile Legends hero who is included in the hybrid assassin fighter hero. Alucard himself is a hero for quite a long time in Mobile Legends. He has great damage and a strong lifesteal.

Playing the hero Alucard is usually played as a jungler where this hero can do fast farming. Alucard is also widely liked by Mobile Legends gamers and many of them have made Alucard a mainstay hero.


Miya is also one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. This is because this marksman hero is the first hero released by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game. He is the mascot of the Mobile Legends game.

The advantage of this one hero is not only to have a beautiful appearance. Miya also has the ability that is quite OP, especially some time ago, Miya got her latest revamp in Mobile Legends. So you can use Miya as a mainstay hero.


The next hero is Ling who is one of the best heroes as both roaming and core. This one hero is quite new but is favored by many Mobile Legends gamers.

This is because Ling has skills that allow him to run faster when climbing walls, this one hero is the second hero who can make fast movements in the map in Mobile Legends besides Fanny’s hero.


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Lunox is also one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. You can use this one mage hero in various roles, from offlaner, midlaner or even as a support hero.

Lunox’s ability can also rely on its six skills which are arguably very OP in Mobile Legends. You can play Lunox as a mainstay hero and the best among other mage heroes.


We have included this fairly new hero as the best hero in Mobile Legends. This is because the gameplay that Benedetta has is very unique and different from other heroes. Benedetta has a pretty interesting attack charge.

Apart from Benedetta himself, there are no other heroes who have the same attack charged. This ability can allow you to suppress basic attacks and provide customizable attacks to your opponent.


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Next there is the hero Claude who is a marksman hero who has a handsome appearance and also a deadly skill. Claude is a hero who often becomes a meta in Mobile Legends.

The ability of this one hero allows you to move quickly, provide a very high damage area and many others. Playing Claude is certainly not so easy because you are required to manage his stack.


Finally, the best hero in Mobile Legends is Gusion. This one hero is very unique because it has fast gameplay in attacking. User Gusion is certainly not surprised why hero one is so good in a variety of gameplay.

Gusion can play as a hero core with fast and deadly attack combos. This hero can also move swiftly and has a short cooldown skill.

So that’s it for the best line of heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use right now. Choose one of the heroes above for you to make as your main hero to push mmr in Mobile Legends.

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